Products Features

Gear box

Gear box are built on modular concept of construction confirming to DIN Standards with respect to sizes and dimensions.

Bearings and Shafts

All Shafts are mounted on amply dimensional high precision roller bearings. Shaft extensions are fitted with high quality seals to prevent oil leakage and dust entry.


Gears are manufactured from high alloy case hardened steel to impart high wear resistance and fatigue strength. All gear teeth are made with proper profile correction as per most modern methods using computer aided techniques to improve transmission capacity and efficiency. Accuracy,surface finish and noise free running are ensured by grinding case hardened teeth profile in latest gear grinding machines.


Optional Features

  • Non Standard Ratios.
  • Housing in cast steel or fabricated steel.
  • Reinforced bearings for external loads.
  • Spatial seals.
  • Shaft extensions input/output.
  • Fan cooling.
  • Cooling coil.
  • External oil cooler.
  • Forced lubrication System.
  • Hold back device.
  • Motor mounting flange.
  • Higher drive speed designs.
  • Inclined/Vertical installations.
  • Hollow output shaft with key/shrink disc fitting.
  • Bevel helical input option.